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There is probably no ‘right’ answer to the question “when should I start planning to move into my own home?” It can take time for everyone to get used to the idea and feel ready so starting sooner rather than later is probably going to be helpful but its also never too late! Visiting other friends or family members who have moved into their own place and having conversations can help to explore the different options and discover what moving out means. Some people might trial housesitting or staying at a short term rental. The next step might be to assist the person to imagine their own home and what is important in regards to location, design, budget etc. Thinking along the lines of “how would anybody else of a similar age, gender or culture approach this move” is helpful. Funding programs can be helpful but not the best place to start. NACBO organisations can assist you with getting started – see the Contact Page

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Key Points

  • It is never too early, it’s never too late. Starting early gives you more time to try things and refine your plans.

  • Start with the person and create a vision for what their ideal home would look like.

  • Keep in mind typical pathways to moving out of home rather than special options, will assist the person to create their own home. It is very hard to have your own home in congregate forms of living. 

  • Observe what brothers, sisters, cousins and friends are doing and learn from them.

  • A range of supports can be designed to assist a person to live in their own home.

  • Although funding can be useful, it is not the best place to start because the person may then end up having to "fit" an option or vacancy that doesn't suit them, meet their needs or become their home.

Watch Videos

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Planning for Home: Putting Trust in Others
Produced by JFA Purple Orange

Together, Jessica and her family, planned not only for a house for Jess, but for a home in a community she knows well. In this video, Jessica’s mum, Julianne, talks about homesharing, the planning behind it and the importance of community. You can meet Jess and her housemate Coralie in episode 5, Homeshare: Doing Home with Jess.

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From dream to reality. A new start for Cathy
by Josey and Cathy McMahon (Produced by Community Resource Unit)

Josey and Cathy McMahon are twin sisters, born in country Queensland in the 1960's. Cathy was moved into an institution at an early age, where she then spent many years of her life. This is the story of how Josey advocated for her sister to leave and what Cathy's life looks like now that she has a home of her own. It shares insights from some of the people who helped Josey along the way and what sustained her over the many years it took.

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It's never too late
by June Arthy (Produced by Belonging Matters)

In this presentation June Arthy describes her life in an institution and how with some support from friends she now lives in her own place - reinforcing that at any age its never too late!

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