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Solving Problems

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It might have taken months or even years of planning to make the move…then something doesn’t come off as you expected! This is the reality of life – even our best laid plans do not always work out. Expecting things to change, not go as planned and being prepared to solve those ‘problems’ as they come up is likely to be helpful. Being prepared to go through a period of trial and error, planning to periodically review the home arrangement, or going back to the drawing board may be necessary.

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Key Points

  • Even the best laid plans can go off track.

  • Be prepared to review support arrangements and make adjustments as needed.

  • Consider who will be involved in assisting the person with solving problems if and when they arise.

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Together in Partnership - Kalpana
by Ashley (Produced by Community Resource Unit)

As a young adult Ashley moved from the family home to a group home that was not a good fit for him. This video explores how his family, with a committed networks of supports, work with Ashley to create a new life in his own home and the many ways in which Ashley has made this house a home.

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