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Decision Making

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People making their own decisions and having control in their home is a key aspects of what makes life good. Decision-making is a skill that improves with practice. Genuine choice and control requires an assumption that everyone has the capacity to make decisions for themselves. It is important to acknowledge that we all need help making decisions to some degree but that does not mean we are unable to make choices. After all, how many of us do our own taxes or fix our own cars? Supported decision making recognises that, while many people with disability require assistance in making decisions, it doesn't mean others make decisions for them.

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Key Points

  • Having control over your own life is an important part of what makes a good life.

  • All people need help with making decisions from time to time.

  • People with disability have the capacity to make decisions for themselves, even if they require support with decision-making.

  • Decision making can improve with practice and helps a person to learn problem solving skills.

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Emily Raymond - supported decision making
by Emily Raymond (Produced by Belonging Matters)

Many of us help family members and friends to make decisions. But few of us have had the opportunity to think about what actually makes a good decision-making process. In this video Emily Raymond shares her experience as a person with a disability being supported in her decision making, why this is important, and narrates both a positive and negative real life experiences of decision making.

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Together in partnership - HomesWest
by Sam Rogers (Produced by Community Resource Unit)

This video explores the life of Sam Rogers and some of the ways her supports work together with her friends and family to create a model of support that reflects her and the life she wants to live. It shows how, with reliable and clear governance structures, a person can be supported to make their home their own.

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Useful Links

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Supported Decision Making

Decision Agency helps individuals and organisations become highly skilled at making decisions, providing decision support for others, and exploring real alternatives to substituted decision-making.

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Supported Decision Making Resources

WAiS have a range of resources for supported decision making. These are freely available.

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