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Renewal and Succession

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Once a person has moved into their own home, it's important to think about regular renewal and reflection, as no one's life is static. There are always new things to learn or try as people journey through life. This can also be important if things aren't working. Rather than saying it doesn't work, reflecting on what might be needed to make it work better, is better than giving up.


Planning for succession is also important. This means thinking about who will safeguard the person's life and home into the future when family, friends and allies may no longer be able or available. It's important to think about a range of safeguards not just one. For example: writing a will, developing a trust, inviting people to form a Circle of Support or Microboard. It's people who love and care who keep people safe, not systems and services. 

Brodie McElroy's Circle of Support

Key Points

  • It is important to plan for the future. 

  • Inviting people in is important as people who love and care about the person are more likely to keep them safe, rather than services and systems.

  • Sustaining the arrangements over time and ensuring there are others to take up roles and continue to support the person over time is crucial.

  • If leadership relies heavily on one person, this can be risky. Consider how the leadership be shared – how can others be brought in?

  • Circles of Support are a group of unpaid people who come together to support a person with a disability to achieve their goals but can also provide an important safeguard for the future. 

  • A Microboard is similar to a Circle of Support but is a legal entity around one person. 

  • Having a Will is important as its a legal document that can offer some safeguards for the future and can prevent delays. Look for a solicitor in your State who might have experience in creating Wills and Trusts in regard to people with a disability. 

  • Special Disability Trusts can allow family members to plan for current and future needs of a person with a disability. 

Watch Videos

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Starting a Circle of Support
by Justine Hall (Produced by Belonging Matters)

In this video presention Justine Hall talks about why, as a parent she encouraged her son Brodie to start a Circle of Support. She also discusses how Brodie's Circle started.

Click on the Video to watch ->

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Brodie's Network of Support
by Brodie McElroy (Produced by Belonging Matters)

Join Brodie and his circle of support as they come together to assist Brodie with his objectives, plan new pathways, and strengthen connections.

Click on the Video to watch ->

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Taking Charge of Joe's Future
by Joe (Produced by Community Resource Unit)

In this video, Joe shares the richness of his life in Warwick, a country town in Queensland, where he has lives in his own home and runs a small business.  His parents and brothers also reflect on their involvement in Joe's life despite some of them living in other countries.

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Home as a Safeguard for my Daughters
by Bobby Noone

This episode is about safeguards - the things that protect you from harm, abuse, neglect or exploitation. And we’ll join the dots between how living in your own place can help keep you safe, as well as be a place that helps relationships and networks happen - some other big safeguards. You’ll meet Bobby Noone, mother of twin daughters Tammy and Kelli Noone. You’ll hear about safeguards that Bobby has in place for her daughters now. And how Bobby is making sure those safeguards stick around into the future.



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Safeguarding The Future
by Michael Kendrick

"It is quite common that people routinely develop safeguarding strategies that can benefit them in the present and the future. For instance, people may act to safeguard their health, money, property, future work and career prospects, children and many other matters of importance to them. At the same time, it is also true that many people fail to securely safeguard their future due to any number of reasons."

Michael Kendrick

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Established by families in 2008 MA are the only organisation in Australia trained and endorsed by Vela Microboards Canada as delivering the authentic model. Research evidence over 35 years demonstrates that the core principles this model adheres to achieve quality of life outcomes for people with disability.

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