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Home Ownership

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It may be possible to own your own home. Some state and territory governments have schemes to help people with low incomes own a home.


You might have a loan or mortgage. A mortgage is a type of loan you can use to buy or refinance a home. It can take a long time to pay back, up to 30 years.


A family member might leave you a property when they die, this is called a bequest and happens when someone leaves you a property in their will.


Some states and territories help people own a home through shared ownership or equity schemes. Shared ownership means you purchase a share in your property and the government own some of the property. The government retains a share of the home going forward. Even though the government retains a share of your property, the home is still yours. You can increase your share of the property whenever you are able to do so. Shared ownership loans can reduce the ongoing repayments on your loan.


When you own your own home, there are other things to think about such as insurance, land and water rates, and the cost of maintenance and repair of the home.

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Key Points

  • You can purchase your own home.

  • You might have a loan, called a mortgage.

  • You might be left a home by a family member when they die.

  • Some state and territory governments have schemes to help you buy a home.

  • There are extra costs to think about when you own a home.



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Owning My Own Home
by Catherine Wright

In Australia, 67% of households are home owners. And that includes people with disability. How is it possible for people with a disability to achieve the great Australian dream of home ownership?  How important is location and neighbourhood? What schemes and subsidies might assist with affordability?

In this episode, you’ll meet Catherine Wright. She’s been in her own home for two years.



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Home of my own: Right, Rhetoric, or Reality?
by Family Advocacy

A resource developed to assist families in understanding the environment of service and accommodation provision towards people with disabilties being able to achieve living in a home of their own.

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Useful Links

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Buying and selling a property

Please select your State for respective government guidelines in relation to buying and selling a property.

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Department of Communities (Disability Services) WA
by Western Australian Department of Communities

This information is specific to Western Australia (WA) and offers information about the government's rental options/assistance and buying your own home.

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