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Creating A Plan

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Planning is an important part of assisting a person to bring their vision into reality. All planning starts with the person and focuses on the steps and goals needed to move into their own home, thrive and contribute to their neighbourhood. Planning might include moving at the person's pace, design and décor, accessibility, learning new skills, keeping safe and gathering supports. Planning also extends to building connection, for example, getting to know the neighbours, finding out what's on in the community and thinking about contribution and belonging through valued roles. It's not possible to plan for everything! Some things can be worked out in advance but planning is ongoing and requires reflection and renewal. The best people to help people plan are those who genuinely know and care about the person. Having a big vision and a willingness to take a journey are important aspects of planning!

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Key Points

  • Planning is person-centred - it focuses uniquely on one person and their own version of home.

  • Dream big and then make amendments if necessary.

  • Think about what is 'typical' and optimal for the person, rather than thinking about narrow or predetermined options.

  • Leadership is needed to set the vision for home and bring that vision to reality through planning.


Watch Videos

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Planning Lincoln's Move Into his Own Home
by Lincoln Holt and Janice Chan (Produced by Belonging Matters)

Lincoln was unsure about moving into his own home until he had the opportunity, at a planning meeting, to express his vision for his own home. This video captures some of the planning, Lincoln’s Airbnb stay and moving day! Janice, Lincoln’s mum, shares important messages about planning and talks about the importance of starting early.

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Preparing to move out of home
by Kyal Fairbairn

The average age people leave home in Australia is 23 for men, and 24 for women. Of course, that includes people with disability. As a person with disability, how can you plan to move out? How can family members and allies support people with disability to get ready to move out of home? In this episode of My Home My Way, you’ll meet Kyal Fairbairn, and his parents Kay and Andrew Fairbairn.


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Home Tipsheet
by Belonging Matters

Since 2003, Belonging Matters has been on a journey with many people with intellectual disability and autism to move beyond traditional group home living to imagine and create a home of their own. This tip sheet shares the wisdom of individuals, families and others and helps us to think about what home really is and isn’t.

Home Tipsheet cover
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Planning to achieve insurmountable goals
by Josey McMahon

In this article, Josey McMahon reflects on the planning required to assist her sister Cathy to move out of the institution she had been living in for many decades. Josey outlines the relationship between developing a vision and actioning the vision through strong intentional planning to achieve a good life for Cathy. She is clear of the importance of holding the vision tight despite the challenges.

Josey McMahon
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Not waiting, creating
by Marg Rodgers

Marg Rodgers shares the insights she gained from assisting five young men with disability to develop and deepen the relationships in their lives. This includes practical strategies and ideas for inviting people and sustaining relationships over time.

Marg Rodgers
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From vision to action through planning
by Julie van Oosten

In this article Julie van Oosten reflects why people plan, the benefits of engaging an experienced facilitator and the value of including others in the planning process. Julie highlights the value of remaining grounded in the ordinary and how this thinking is fertile ground for clarity, enrichment and new possibilities.

Julie Van Oosten


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My Home, My Way Workbook

The My Home, My Way Workbook was developed to accompany the My Home, My Way webinars and workshops. It has a number of exercises that you can work through that will help you to consider some important ideas for the planning process.

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Helen Sanderson Associates

PATH was developed by Jack Pearpoint, Marsha Forest and John O‘Brien from 1991 onwards. It can be used as a planning style with individuals and with organisations. When used in person-centred planning, the focus person and the people they want to invite meet together. On this webpage, Helen Sanderson Associates describe PATH.

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Helen Sanderson Associates

MAPs are a planning style developed by Judith Snow, Jack Pearpoint and Marsha Forest with support from John O‘Brien and others. MAPs are tools designed to help individuals, organisations and families to figure out how to move into the future effectively and creatively. On this webpage, Helen Sanderson Associates describe MAPS.


Useful Links

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Planning Booklet: Home
by WA Individualised Living

Booklet to assist by prompting questions about the concept of 'home'.

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