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The videos on this page have been specifically produced for the My Home, My Way project.

What Home Means To Me

We asked 9 Australians with disability about what 'home' means to them. Some have been living in their own place for years and are thriving in the homes they've created. Others are actively testing their options, and some are still imagining the possibilities. Like anyone else, they explain that each person's vision for their own home uniquely reflects their interests, lifestyles, and preferences. And because they are in the driver's seat, their homes are a place of pride, comfort, and joy.

My Way Back Home

This is the story of Aaron and how he reclaimed a home of his own. For many years he did not get the support he needed and became increasingly anxious as he was moved frequently in a bid to control him. With each move, his living arrangements became more restrictive and less homelike. Driven by the belief that Aaron deserved to live a good life in his own community and knowing that this would only be possible in his own home, with the right support,  his family, friends, and supporters worked with Aaron to make that a reality.

Reclaiming Life beyond a group home

This is the story of how Scott Jordan reclaimed his life. With no immediate family and having lived in a group home for 25 years, Scott’s true potential lay dormant. Scott’s story shows how the action of a small group of committed people can make a difference. Lead by Scott’s friend Rachel, they set out on a mission to assist Scott to find a home of his own. Scott now relishes in the comfort of having his own home where his true potential has emerged. He is now developing his passions and interests, surrounded by friends and supporters and is now reclaiming his life.

It's My Turn Now - Haylee's Home Story

After Haylee watched her older siblings leave the family home many years ago, she told her parents it was her turn. Haylee wanted to move into her own place. She now lives by herself in a small townhouse and is thriving. In this video, Haylee explains how much she enjoys her home and the independence it has brought her. Her mum, Marilyn, reveals her initial fears about Haylee moving out and what eventually motivated her to support her daughter’s move. You’ll get an insight into Haylee’s paid support, the plentiful unpaid support that surrounds her in the community, and how Haylee continues to surprise her mum with how capable she is at navigating life by herself.

Planning Lincoln's Move into his Own Home

Lincoln was unsure about moving into his own home until he had the opportunity, at a planning meeting, to express his vision for his own home. This video captures some of the planning, Lincoln’s Airbnb stay and moving day! Janice, Lincoln’s mum, shares important messages about planning and talks about the importance of starting early.

The House Sitter

Cameron is in his early twenties and has always lived in the family home. To explore what life in a home of his own could look like, Cameron did some regular housesitting for a family friend. Cameron's experience was positive and showed that he’s was ready to live in a place of his own with carefully-crafted support in place.

Planning for Home: Putting Trust in Others

Together, Jessica and her family, planned not only for a house for Jess, but for a home in a community she knows well. In this video, Jessica’s mum, Julianne, talks about homesharing, the planning behind it and the importance of community. You can meet Jess and her housemate Coralie in episode 5, Homeshare: Doing Home with Jess.

Homeshare: Doing Life with Jess

Meet Jessica and her housemate Coralie as they interview each other about life in their share house and why it's where they both want to be. Homeshare is based on relationship and is a more natural way for Jess to get the support she needs to live in her own home.

This is My Place

Brendon has lived in his own place since 2004. Prior to that he lived in a group home. His complex support needs were not met and as a result he nearly lost his life. Join Brendon, his parents and support workers as they show what is possible when people get their own home with personally tailored and directed supports.

Creating My Home with SDA

In this video, through two different stories, you will meet Jenna, Julius and their families, and hear how they each used Specialist Disability Accommodation funding to build their own homes. They explain why they chose to go down this path, some of the hurdles they navigated, and the benefits.

Creating Matt’s Home: It’s Not Set and Forget

Matthew first moved out of home 15 years ago. In this video, you will hear from Matt’s mum, Jill. Through intentional and thoughtful planning, Jill has tried to ensure that Matt is living a full and rich life, and that this will continue for many years. Jill discusses renewal, safeguarding, and inviting people to ensure this doesn't all depend on her.

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